How QA works?

I found out this really informing video from Trendane Sparks in youtube and he describes, in 3 videos, what is to be a QA Tester.  Think you should check it out.
Still, here are some few notes about the video that I made – if you are really lazy to see the videos. =) – of what I found out to be important.

* First thing that he says is that: “Playing video games is different from testing video games”.
* He also talks about the blackbox tester / Ender user tester.
* Expectation of quality.
* What does it takes to be a good QA?
– Be able to communicate.
– Attention to details.
– Know the perspective of other (clients/bosses/workers).
– Find where the games goes from good to better to worst and go into the details to make it better.
– Patience.
– Give positives lines about the game and stuff not only what is bad or wrong.
– Thick skin – Someone will get mad about what you said, start screaming and point fingers at you.
– Courage.
– Gamers generally understand what makes a game fun.
– Keep a list of all the bugs you found.
– They will ask you to sign a document saying that the game is ready to release. If you say no, have a great backup. Bug database.

There are two kinds of bugs.
– Subjective bugs, which are just opinions.
– Objective bugs, based upon facts.
Tell people about the bug.
Bug is something that pulls you out of your game experience.
If you find a bug and there was already reported by many other people, it may not be written well. Read it and see if all of them have the same core/context.

Do not use the word ¨should¨ or ¨shouldn´t¨. You are not the game designer. Write what you expect to happen. Be objective.
Notes: Place where you can express your opinion.
No game goes out perfect and ok. There will be always bugs.
Well, for me, as a beginner in this kind of area, I found really interesting and some good stuff that can make you think. Also, is a different point of view of what a QA Tester does and what it shouldn’t.


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