New Tips about a Good Translation

Hello, everybody!

Sorry for taking so long for another post, but I had a few things going on and didn’t have time to update.

Well, I am back and I will try to keep everything updated.
Once more, here I come with more tips about how to do a really good translation. Important to say, and I hope you also read this that the text IS NOT MINE. I just translated from a Portuguese Forum where Translators give each other tips about the work. Also, at the end of every post I make sure to include the SOURCE of the text if anyone wants to check it.
Hope you guys make good use of the tips. This first part of the tips are from a Forum where a guy – named Moicano – give some of the things that he use and used during his life experience. Also, those are specifically tips for Game Translation.
1 – Always read carefully the info on the topic of the project, this is the place the administrator will post how he wants the translation, dates of delivery of the files and other rules. Also, before you start translating, you have to know how you will translate, because the file format of the games changes from one to another.

2 – The best program to translate is Notepad ++ (Author’s note: Agreed. I personally use this one). Whit it, is possible to work will all kind of files and it’s Free! Still, you can use the one of your own preference.

3 – If it’s possible, try to use both languages. Most of the translations are made with English as based language and Spanish as support. And knowing how to use these both idioms can make the difference on the time of the translation. […] (Author’s note: This is an article focus the Brazilian people. However, you can adapt to your language as much as you need. Try to find another language similar to yours (if possible) to help with the translation.)

4 – DO NOT translate every word. This is a common mistake that all the translations made when thinking that they have to translate everything. In a good translation, the author creates ways to adapt the text and the information. You have to remember that the translation is being done for the people that speak your language, so nothing better than a good interpretation of the text and dialogs.

5 – ALWAYS use a Spelling and Grammar tool. Most of the time, it correct punctuation and other things and that can make the difference, if you spend a few minutes correcting and reading again what you’ve done.

6 – Ask for help. Post your questions on Forums and discussions sites. Do not stay stuck alone translating things. Nothing better than share the knowledge and learn a little more every day. You can also help some other translator to finish they work faster as they can do with you.

7 – Use dictionaries, translators, wikis as below: – Great dictionary, translate into many languages, explain all the possible translations of the word, give examples on how we can use the words, etc.

Urbandictionary – American Slang’s dictionary. It is also important to underline that American slangs has now translation to Portuguese. So there is where UD comes in handy. As a translation, you can read, understand and translate to Portuguese (Or any other language that you are working with). Also is a good one to search for the synonymous words of what you are looking for.

Wikia – Wiki Gamer, a complete wiki of games where you can find a lot of information about (GUESS) GAMES! Also, it is really important to use it because many games have their own terms when talking about guns, items, objects. So you can’t just translate it. (Author’s note: I also posted another text about that here on the blog).

WordReference – Besides being a good translator, what it’s important to underline is that it helps you with synonymous, definitions and other in Portuguese and Spanish. This can come in handy when you’re checking a sentence that doesn’t really fits the game of the situation.
When, so far that’s it. Once more, the text is NOT MINE and I am just spreading knowledge to other. Also, everything that you read here, you can adapt to your own work and language. There is no rule on how the translation should be done. Still, you can follow some of them to help you out at work.

Hugs and hope to see you guys here more often.

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