Game Testing and Testing Techniques

Due to the importance that I find on this information, I though it would be better to make it’s own topic.
This is a part of the document that I found here.
So, if you know the author of this text, please, let me know so I can give the right credits!

The Game Testing Primer document describes a few aspects and focuses of game testing. This section outlines a systematic testing approach, and explains how you break down a game feature into its smallest testable components:
Systematic game testing means examining every part of a game. These parts include:
* the menu and the menu functions,
*art (character model, texture, terrain or world, crowd, objects, etc.),
* animation (the like and feel of the movement, realism, frame rate),
* sound and the sound effect (in conjunction with the facial animation, e.g. lip sync, and theanimation sequence),
* camera (cinematic view, zoom in and out, replay),
* game flow and logic,
* world/level/scene,
* the player attributes,
*the action attributes,
*the condition to advance to the next level (what are the rules?)
* the use of environmental objects,
* the event/object triggers, and
* the scoring
* progressive levels of difficulty,
* the AI logic (for both defensive play and offensive play; player movement and positioning),
* statistics (pre-game and in-game like player statistics and high score),
* title screens,
* NIS (Non-Interactive Sequence),
* SFX (Special effect)
* any movie clip,
* the game pad,
* the use of multi-button actions (also called button mashing),
* the ease of use of the button functions,
* the shock/vibration effect of the game pad,
* the use of digital and analog mode
* legal text, and
* the game options (game start/menu selection, hints, game pause, pause menu options , and scrolling, i.e. cycling through the available options on the screen, etc.)
(Author’s Note: Still, you don’t have to right it down everything in here. The game designers will provide you with all the information that you need and everything that should be checked in the game. It also may be much more than you can find here….)


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