How to Conduct Effective Testing

Hi guys!
Conducting a test can be something really hard to do. You have to focus on everything that is going on and keep yourself on the line all the time. FOCUS is the word here and sometimes that can be really easy to loose.
However, the text that I found here may help you with that. Hope you can use that on you eveyday work.
Enjoy your reading!
IMPORTANT: If you know the Author of this text, please let me know. As far as I know, the source you can find here and I don’t know who is the owner of the text. Let me know so I can give the RIGHT CREDITS to him/her/them.

These are some of the “good ideas” from the experienced QA testers:
* Make sure you are testing on the most up-to-dated version of the game. With at least oneversion possibly created on the same day, it is easy to find yourself testing the wrongversion.
* Make sure that every time you get a new game build, you are getting every part of a newgame (a new game has more than one file!) and it may not work against a previous savedgame from a Game Save/Load device like MEMORY card.
* Keep track of your hours so you have time to look for new bugs and regression test the“fixed” bugs that you need to verify for closure.
* A good understanding of the Tracker database is a MUST. You must understand theTracker template, the definition and attributes of each field. An optional field does notmean the field is not
required; the field is not required only if it is not applicable to the bug.
* We must regression test the previous bugs. Just because something got fixed in the previous versions is not a guarantee that it still works in the current version. This is our mandate tore-test the previously closed bugs with the severity of A-Crash, B-Non functioning Feature, and C- Major Functional every week and for each major milestone.
* Regression testing can also be frustrating, make sure you stay focused and don’t think of itas a trivial task.
* It is NOT only tester who can enter bugs to the defect database. However, you should review the bug report if that is entered by a non-tester person (why? It is because you are responsible for regression testing, and the testers are responsible for all the bugs in the defect database).
* Keep in mind that you will find bugs, however your productivity is not measured by the number of bugs that you find. There is no fixed rule for a game tester as the number of  bugs that he or she must report in a day.
Once again, thank you for reading my blog and, if you now the AUTHOR of this text, let me know so I can give him/her/them the RIGHT CREDITS of it!

Have a good night and drive safe! 🙂

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