Test Plan Development for Game Testing

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There are two types of test cases; one is testing the functionality of the product; commonly known in the software industry as Positive Testing. The other one is testing the durability and the level of tolerance resistance of the game; known as Negative Testing (it is also known as Stress Testing or Load Testing). “Negative” test cases are created with “breaking the game” in mind, so we will test for certain odd situations and determine if the game knows how to respond, and reacts correctly. Examples of this odd situation are,
– Load a game without a MEMORY card, or pulling out the MEMORY card during game loading.
– Running a game for more than 48 hours in order to test for memory allocation and management. When the game component does not handle the use of memory properly, some of the memory may become unusable (the memory does not get recycled). When it happens, a game will become non-playable (e.g. freeze) after along-playing time.
– For the playability testing, say, a scenario is developed for the “Head-to-Head” mode in Snowboarding, we have Player-1 boarding very fast, and finishing much earlier than Player-2, which is boarding extra slow. We expect the game should be able handle this extreme situation (e.g. no freeze, the scoring continues to work the way it should be) till Player-2 is finished. Define Smoke Testing to test a new CD burn. The name of Smoke Testing comes from the engineering lab in testing new car engines. Before a new engine is put out for a road test, the engineers would simply start the engine and see if it works. If smoke comes out from the engine, they would know immediately that some parts do not work properly. Just like creating a new build, we simply run the game, if the game keeps on crashing, we would know some parts are not right. The Smoke Test for a new CD burn needs to be defined. The test plan is a simplelist of what main game features and options need to be tested so you are able to confirm a new build is successful. Just like testing a new car engine in the lab, you would start it and let it runfor a few cycles.
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