Testing Considerations for Software Testing

Here I am with something more that I hope will help you inside the Game Testing Field.
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It will be way too much for a Software Tester to handle if someone has to do 100% of above. Unlike Game Testing, I believe some of these tasks are discretionary. You must learn anddecide how much testing is enough. As a rule of thumb, the Software Tester should take a “best-effort based” approach and “time-box” his or her work and involvement for a game project.Once you come up with a test design and some high-level test plan, discuss with the gameTechnical Director to confirm the scope and priority.
We all know good analysis of a bug simplifies the debugging process. However, there is a balance to strike between the amount of investigation and analysis done by a Software Tester and the amount done by a Developer. Here are some factors to consider:
* Isolate the problem so it can be assigned to a single person in the bug report.
* Describe the problem at the appropriate level of details so the developer can work on it without wasting too much time to re-investigate and explore the problem.
* Are we in the “crunch” time – is the developer on the critical path?
* Are you a more skilled debugger than the developer who is assigned for this bug? How we can get more productivity and better use of time?
The Game Tester requires a fully functional Test Environment for testing. This test environment is comparable to a debugging environment that is used by the game developer or the Software Tester. Also, the test environment must support testing the graphic components of the game(e.g. providing some of the artwork run-time information; not just showing the artwork itself).
The Software Tester is expected to provide support and help out the Game Tester in using a new Test Environment platform.
So, please, let me know if you know the Author of this text, so I can give THE RIGHT CREDITS to him/her/them.
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