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As reading a few things on the internet, I could perceive that the mobile devices are taking over people and grabbing their attention more and more. Games in those mobiles are getting also better day after day and it is possible to have great games in your cell phone with great graphics, playability, stories and lots of fun and best of all, most of them are free which is another decoy is for the players., selected a few games on 2013 being the best free mobile games as you can check below and here if you want to know more about them.
10. Guardian Cross (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
9. Colosseum Heroes (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
8. Barrr (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
7. Nun Attack: Run & Gun (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
6. Castle of Shadows (Free) – Platform: Android
5. Temple Run 2 (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
4. Sonic Dash (Free) –Platform: IOS, Android
3. Punch Quest (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
2. Badland (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
1. Fast & Furious 6 (Free) – Platform: IOS, Android
And those are just a few of them. We have tons of games for mobile and the industry is growing every day. We also have Plants Vs Zombies, Angry Birds and others.
But, to get this far with these games, they were also tested and we can’t deny that it is a pretty good market to get into and specialize. That’s way I am posting a few information about it and hope you enjoy all the information.
Good Reading!
The full post can be found here and thank you Mali the Nerd for the info and adaptation of Nandagopalsite. Thank you for sharing the info.
As you might have noticed, the mobile market is on a surge. There is virtually an “app” for everything in your life from budget planning to fitness! There are also thousands of games you can play on your mobile device. As a software tester, this mobile mania is giving you endless opportunities and I would like to share some tips for game testing from my limited experience.
1.       Know your device
So, you have the super smart phone – the iPhone 4S, the Galaxy S2, the Google Nexus S, the Nokia Lumia… Good! But do you really know what your phone capabilities are?
What platform is it running (iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile)?
Do you know its strengths and limitations (Processor speed, RAM, Storage Memory, Maximum application size, etc.)?
Do you know what type of connection can you use (Edge, 3G, CDMA, Wi-Fi, etc.)?
If you do not know any of the above, then I would suggest getting as much information about your device as you can. This is not only applicable to game testing, but also to any type of mobile testing. But the device’s processor speed, RAM etc. are really important in playing your favorite games seamlessly. What’s the point of having that wonderful game if it is subjecting your device to lots of heating due to the increased use of processor power? You are not willing to let your 30K worth smartphone burn for a game, right? 🙂
2.       UI – User Interface
With the ascend of tablet computers to the mobile world, more and more developers are creating their games and apps compatible for many devices with a single installation file. For e.g. you could download an app from the Apple app store which is compatible with both your iPhone and iPad. There lies the catch for us testers. There might be screens where the rendering is not properly done in an iPhone screen because the app is showing the page as in an iPad!
As you might have noticed, the games usually have really colorful UI and it is one of the primary things that make a game appealing. So you need to look at the colors used, fonts, icons, button size etc.
and finally;
3.       Fail intentionally!
Sounds interesting, right? You have tried so hard and succeeded in beating the computer opponent, and this so called tester is telling you to fail the game levels intentionally?
This could be your most important tip for testing games – learn to fail. Because, when you are failing intentionally, you might be subjecting the game to its most critical test – whether it can behave in the right way when you fail. You are getting competent and matching the computer opponent with all the concentration in this world, it is easy to miss out on what the computer opponent might do in case you fail. I have experienced instances where the computer opponent or your sidekick looked really stupid after I’ve purposefully failed my mission 🙂


Hope my little tips will help you in testing those wonderful games and make your testing much more fun. Have a tip which can be useful for the testing community? Share it!



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