Translation and Localisation Work – Alien Shooter Vengeance

Good Evening, everyone!

UPDATE: Pretty amazing what you can do after play the game one more time missing the old days. I found out a few more mistakes and correct them at the game – not in the pictures. So you may not look for Portuguese mistakes in it… please… 🙂

I should have posted this a long time ago. For those who search over the internet, you may find the translated patches for this game, but I wanted to do the work myself and make sure that everything is on it place, audio and texts, credits, weapons, character, etc. etc. etc.

For the ones who doesn’t know, Alien Shooter: Vengeance – also known as Alien Shooter 2 – is a game developed by Sigma Team (which I have e-mail it to tell them about my work and translation, but had no replies….). It is a surviving terror/action game that mix aliens, weapons, shooting, arcade game and a lot of blood and things blowing.

You are a mercenary that M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corp. sends to a top secret object. A lot of weird and dangerous experiences were held where you are and now, after all that, everything is out of control. You must find you way in, complete a series of tasks and destroy anything and anyone in your path. Pretty nice if you want a game where you can shoot more and think less. More about the game, you can google it. I am here to talk about my work. J

It took my about 2 weeks, as far as I can remember, to complete the game between editing all the menus, texts, files, saves, objects, levels, etc. and for testing all the translations, box sizes, audio and writing. I worked in it every day after work – about 1 hours – and every day after my university, 1 to 2 hours to finish it. Most of the problems that I had was checking the audio and make sure that everything was correct – as the English speech was ok with the Portuguese text. I couldn’t translate the audio due to the lack of “technology”. (I did it at home, come on…)

Below you can check a few pictures of it.

I did most of the game translation. However it is kind of hard to translate things that are “normal” to brazilians and others that we are used to in English.

Even in English, most of the speeches were different from the wroten text. On the translation I did care about that because if you speak a good English, you may get confuse about what is being said and what you are reading.

Another thing that you may have to care is about the slangs and jokes. Those may have a lot of sense in English, but when translating you have to check which is your aim public and culture. Not all the translation has to be “perfect and asymmetric”.

Messange log and all the other texts were translated understading the way of thinking of each character. An alien, for example, may not speak as the same fluent way as a human…. in some cases….

Because of the space, you sometimes have to change one word to another completaly different, keeping the same meaning to fit it into the designed space.
Another thing is that a lot of English works don’t have thinks like Ç or ^ or ~. So you may have to check with the programmers how you are going to solve that out…
And most important, we have to credit it for our work. 🙂

Thank you for reading my post!
IMPORTANT: I would like to underline that I am NOT taking any profit with this translation and I did NOT send to anyone. This is just to show my work as a translator/localisator and this version of the game is not available for downloading. You may buy the original one and download a patch from the internet to translate it, which is not hard to find.
All the game, info, programming, design, characters, and more (except the translation) are property of SIGMA TEAM and I did not create the game or anything else.
Drive safe!

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