What kind of games the Brazilian market is used to play?

Hello, my dear friends!

We all know that games are all around the world and each company has an interesting on a specific market. Americas, Europe, Asia over mobiles, consoles, PCs. Even more, some companies has being focused on a single style as action, FPS, RPG, platform, etc and trying to get on the market.

But there is one market that has being growing since a few years ago. The Brazilian Market. Most of companies that spare sometime to hire someone that speaks Portuguese to translate/localize their games, are way ahead of other. And its not me that is saying that. The Brazilians are. Ask anyone from Brazil why they are playing that specific game or the other one. Also, we can rely on number.

According to the Sao Paulo Times,  (sorry the website is not in English) only 5% of the population speaks English and only 8% of the Classes A and B speak English. The rest of the news is about getting yourself into the market about the lack of English language. But my point is, back in Brazil, only this class A and B and a little of C have access to the games that are produced in North America, Europe and Asia. Let talk real here: Games are so expensive that most of the Gamers there download it from the internet – illegally. Due to that, they sometimes, do not have access to the updates and translations games – or they do?

Games that are not translated/localized we have forums and groups of these Brazilian Gamers that get together to translate it. I did it myself helping them. That is where I want to get. Brazilian Gamers tend to play more games if they are translated. Of course most of people play them in English and they also say “I have no problem with that” or “I can understand/speak English” but if you put a plot in front of them, they would just press all the buttons to skip that ASAP.

Now, what this all has to do with the Post Title?

Well, a lot of companies are trying to get into the Brazilian market – and a lot of them did it really well – but what kind of game do you have to introduce to reach success in Brazil? That’s where the answer of the questions comes in handy – and the news – (Sorry again, this news is in Portuguese, but I’ll translate below, in a short). So, if you want to know more about the Brazilian market and how translation/localization is important, you can check this post.

Simple Games are the ones with more downloads for cell phones in Brazil on 2014.

The news page (G1) had access to the TOP 5 games from Google Play. Store is the one that attend the largest quantity of smartphones and tables of the country
TOP 5 downloaded games has being compiled according to the number of downloads of this kind of games at Google Play. Unfortunately, Google didn’t release how much downloads each game had.
Still, here are the games:


Yes. POU. Simple as a Tamagochi, the objective of the game is to take care of this weird thing, feeding it, cleaning it and putting it to sleep. And when you get boring of it, you can add you POU to some competitions, simple ones, but at least they are competitions.

The app has also an option to print a 3D version of it. Before that, you could buy your POU as a toy.



My Talking TOM is can also being printed and, if you like cats, this one is for you. You can tap the cat, watching him stretch, hug him, play with him, wash him…. almost like a POU but with legs and arms and a real face. Another interesting thing is that he can record what you tell him and repeat with a thin and annoying voice (believe me, I have some nephews that played with all day long). Also, according to Outfit7, the game has been downloaded more than 230 million times around the world.



Alright. Another one that I didn’t even imagine that would have on the TOP 5, but that’s okay. We have this one, Subway Surfers. On this game you have to avoid trains (really) and collect coins on the way. Nothing special about it, but the simple fact that is simple.


Alongside Subway Surfers we have Despicable Me where you have to control the Minions and collect bananas, fight bosses and more. I haven’t play this one, but I’d just because of the Minions. I like that: There, I said it.

Created by Gameloft, one of the specialized game companies over licensed games, they are one of the icons at the mobile generation. Since 2000, they have more than 500 apps published, which has been downloaded more than 1,7 Billion times. (Note: I did play some games from Gameloft and I’d made some changes in a few of them, maybe adding something… anyway). The company is here and is keeps growing like there’s no tomorrow.



Some of the companies above may scare some other due to the large number of downloads. But the market still have space for other and small companies that are looking for a place to grow. The Argentinian company Etermax has less than 10 games published. The game is a real exception at this list because is asks more than just doing tickles at your smarphone.


So, what do you think about it? Did you know that this simple games could be the ones with more downloads in Brazil? More, I cannot say if people kept playing them, because it only says the downloads and I could have downloaded it and, after 5 minutes deleted it.

However, is important to underline that, all of this games has its own Portuguese version and this, you can believe, is one of the reasons that it reached those positions there.

So, what about getting someone to translate your games and get into the Brazilian market? What are you waiting for?


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