Software Testing Basics – Learning to walk before you can run

Some people may say “that something you have to run, before you can walk” but I have to reply: “Sorry, Tony. This may be not the case….”

The website that I took this information – with all the credits, you can check it here – put the Software Testing in a few pretty good and simple steps that we can follow to be a great tester.

First of all, I have to say that, in order to be and understand what a Game Tester is and why he is so important in the Game Industry, we have to understand the true meaning behind it.

What are the basic principles of testing and quality?

All computer/video games are basically software. (Let me know if you have a computer/video-game game that is not a software). With that, to start testing games, we have to work with testing software and then go deeper into the rabbit’s hole.

Software Testing Basics: Thing One

Thing One: Testing Is Simple! Period. End-of-story. S-I-M-P-L-E. Just so we are crystal clear: Testing Is Simple.

Anyone who tries to tell you differently doesn’t know what they are talking about and may just be in the wrong line of work. Testing is simple. Always remember that. Any testing that you perform that is NOT simple is at best potentially inaccurate – and at worst wrong.

When testing software, you main goal is to clearly establish whether or not the pre-defined behavior that is expected of the software occurs when and how it is supposed to. In short: Does the software do what it should? Does the software do anything that it shouldn’t? That’s it. That’s how it starts. And that…is simple.

Software Testing Basics: Thing Two

Thing Two: Learn and Adapt. Let’s face it, the reason that testers are always needed is that new technology continues to be developed. Do you actually think that’s going to stop? EVER?!? I don’t think so either. So, in order to keep up, you must always be learning and remain adaptable.

As the software changes, so do the specific demands on testing it. In order to keep up with these demands you must be able to learn the new technology as it is created and then adapt your techniques so that you can test it most effectively.

Software Testing Basics: Thing Three

Thing Three: You must be able to communicate clearly and accurately. When you are testing software and you find a bug (an issue, a defect, a bad result, etc.) you must be able to share your information in such a way that anyone can understand it.

When you do this, then the bug can be fixed and your project can move forward. If you don’t, then you create more work for others, waste time that people are paying you for, and are seen as a drain on the project.

You must know the fundamentals if you plan to be a QA Tester. If you want a software testing job, learn the fundamentals.

If you dream of a career in Software Quality Assurance, you will have to choose the right things to learn. Learn the terminology, learn the fundamentals and Choose Success!

Everything that I learned so far, for a fully understanding, came from basics principles. I do believe that, to understand the bug, why it happened and what is should be doing instead of not doing it, I have to know how it was programmed, what code he used to do it, how the game works on it most simple figure. As a Game Tester, know this kind of stuff, would help you to improve the way you report bugs because you can be more specific and that could even help you to make the bug happen again.

That is also what I understand as team work. 🙂


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