Work with Blender 3D

Hello, everybody.

It’s been a while since my last post and I’m sorry for that. Running around with a lot of stuff as always.

Anyways, I found sometime to get back to my work with Blender and here’s what I’ve done so far again! Hope you guys enjoy!

It took 4 hours to render. Was used in this project comb tool, fur, mixed meshes, etc.

The other 3 works that I did was animations and since WordPress does not allow videos – at least on the free version of the website – here the links for those with the description.

1st Animation – Carving tool using an Iron Texture. The idea is to use on wood, but I wanted to change for now. 🙂

2nd Animation – This one is a creation of the word “Chocolate” on the top of a Chocolate bar giving the impression the word was created by a chocolate wave.

3rd Animation – Two planets colliding into each other and exploding. Took around 4  hour to render and I had to do it twice because I screw up with some configurations, but over the end, I did it.

Well, that’s it for now and I hope you guys keep following my website and wait for more updates on Blender work, game reviews, and more!


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