Beach Park Race by Valente Studio


Now here’s another work of mine, this time as a Sound Designer Concept.

A crazy run through the Beach Park with Tarta, the faster turtle alive, in this really fun game just like the old times, without those huge marketing videos and pictures trying to take your money! 😉

First Screen of the Game – There’s Tarta! The faster turtle alive!

Beach Park Race, was developed and released by Valente Studio and Beach Park, both located in Fortaleza – CE – Brazil. Valente Studio holds a dedicated sector to the Game Development. All the game projects go through a whole process, which goes from the concept to programming. Games as The Mighty Grunnar, Argamasa, and Valentin are a few examples in our portfolio that describes the quality we are capable to deliver.

One of their field of work is the Advergames!

Advergames is being broadly used by big companies for the great idea of an increasing marketing strategy on the market. The Advergame is capable to put the final product closer to the client in an interactive, casual and fun way. It can be applied on Social Medias (Facebook), events and workshops, creating great feedbacks and visualization from your core-public, in addition to create a bound between the client and the brand.

A never ending game with a lot of fun!

For this specific game I used FL Studio, Guitar-Pro and WavePad to create, format, develop and finalize. And you know the best part of this game?!? ITS FREE!!!

Free to Play!!! Forever!

Now, this is something new on this type of game!

– No Pay to Win!
– No adds!
– 100% Free!
– 173% fun!

❤ Developed with a lot of love by Beach Park Studios & Valente Studio, in Fortaleza, CE!

Don’t forget to download and have a lot of fun! After all, ITS FREE!!!

Until next Time!


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