Doom 3

Hello, fellow readers.

After a while, I’m back to talk more about games. I played a couple of games in the meantime with my “wonderful computer” and decided to pick one that reminds me of my childhood: Scary and dark. LOL 🙂

When I first played Doom 3, it was back in 2005. I didn’t play much at the time because I was into other games and also because my machine wasn’t so good (it never is as you can see). Years later, I was looking for a FPS game where I didn’t have to think much about what to do instead of just shooting what it moves and explore places and remembered seeing Doom 3 at Steam for 75% off. Yep! That’s my tip to buy it alongside Very Positive reviews overall.Steam

Sure, it is an old game, but still, you can have some fun playing it and especially if you don’t have an amazing game PC like me. Sure, now I can play Fallout 4, but not as good as I was expecting. Anyway, back to Doom 3, the game was released in August 3, 2004 and it was developed by id Software and published by Activision. Further on, the game was adapted for Linux, Mac OS and Xbox, probably due to it’s success.

About the Game:

You start as a marine who doesn’t know how to use a flashlight with a gun at the same time (I’ll explain later). The year is 2145 and the game is set on Mars. Some scientist are trying to improve the teleportation technology, biological research and advance weapons design but they ended up opening the games of hell (oh, crap…). Now you (the marine-against-flashlights) have to fight through the labs to find your way out, meet with other survivals and prevent the demons from attacking the Earth … from Mars….(? … okay).


The game itself has no puzzles or real challenges. Most of the time you’re running around, shooting monsters, trying to find your way out, falling into traps and opening rooms with monster inside. And they all want to kill you. Apparently, you are one of the lucky ones that survived in a place full of monsters that don’t like hell and no way to go back home (you and them). Lucky you!

Now, different from the previous Doom games, this one has NPCs which you can talk and interact. They will give you information about what is happening, gossips, pieces of the story or will just tell you to f* off because they are working on some pixel thing. The start of the game is just you running around to meet some people and get to know a part of the lab, duties, what you will do, etc. Later on, after someone screw up with something, you find yourself looking for a way out of there. (won’t give any spoilers if you haven’t played the game yet). Still, enemies will jump from a lot of places and if you see a dark corner, flashlight it and shoot it (not at the same time… We’ll get there).

My opinion about Doom 3.

Flashlight: Yes! As the game tries to keep the horror environment, you have a flashlight to use on dark places (duh!). However, you cannot use the flashlight and a gun at the doom3screen_2same time. As a Marine in this game, apparently they don’t teach you how to hold a gun and a weapon at the same time. Due to that, the beginning of the game can be a little frustrating because you want to SEE what you’re shooting at. Still, if you get used to it, it’s something that you can work around. TIP: Equip the gun you want to use and press F (shortcut for flashlight once you get it with your PDA). This will equip immediately your gun from the flashlight instead o using the roll mouse button or the numbers to find the gun you’re looking for. I found this the best way so far to work around. Furthermore, you will find yourself in the game like: Flashlight, shoot, flashlight.


Graphics: It’s 2004. For the time, the graphics were okay, especially when comparing to the old Doom games. Still, sometimes I got confused with green lights blinking in the background – which I thought could be button I could push open something.

Controllers: Nothing to complain much here except that, as a FPS, some people are used to a default set of controller like left CTRL to crouch or right mouse button to focus. Doom 3 allow you to modify of course the buttons and you have to go around to check what is best for you. Still okay. Another thing I had to get used to is to use the roll mouse button to get my weapon fast. Sometimes I scroll too fast and ended up changing to my fists to fight a 3 meter monster.

Music/Sounds: Everything there follows the spooky environment and keeps you in the survival/horror game mood. You can hear pipes breaking, sparks, fire, etc., and all will keep you immerse and sometimes scaring you a little bit. Eventually you will get used to it or pissed with it as in the beginning of the game all you can hear I people screaming, asking not to get kill, and eventually, dying. I have to admit, it was a little bit annoying for me and one time I tried to find a way to turn it off. Why people have to scream so much when getting kill by hell monster?!? geez…

Interested to comment is that to finish a level you have to get into an elevator and to do so, you have to find a specific access card. Any resemble to the old Doom games?

Anyway, So far on the levels I played, ammunition is everywhere and health is also all over the place. I tried to save some ammo but kept leaving some behind all the time so I decided to use my best weapon first. I’d say it was a bad choice because the game is balance on how you use ammunition. In other words, you have to use it wisely, or you will ended up without any or just a little of it. The idea of having a PDA – Personal Data Assistant for yourself and NPCs is quite interesting. It’s an option menu in the game but without losing the game environment feeling. Sometimes you have to go over other PDAs people to get access to codes, general information about what happened or just to read their e-mail and notice that they don’t like someone. There’s even a request from the HR for a volunteer position to test something. Terminals and places you can interact in the game changes the cursor so feels like you’re “tapping” the screen. It’s a nice way to tell you what you can interact and what you cannot.

unnamedAI in the game is not really smart, but they don’t miss a shot! If you’re on the way, hide instead of trying to duck and shoot. Eventually they will follow you – if they see you. That’s also something nice. You can shoot them on the back! That means their vision is limited to their front and, trust me, that requires some nice attention and programming. Anyway, Demons, if you find one behind a door (and you will) jump at you right away and it’s hard to escape, unless you open the doors from the side. Also, be careful not to get stuck on a corner by one of them or they will suck your life and armor pretty fast. Enemies with guns will also make you lose your aim for a moment if hit, so don’t try to shoot as crazy as you go. Think! And aim for the big area. Trying to hit the head does not affect them differently as the torso.

Another feeling I had (as mentioned) is that the programmers kept putting specific “lines” in the game so when you cross it, a monster will appear, something will fall from the ceiling or a part of the scenario will fall/open. It’s nice to have that, but I felt it was too much and all the time I kept walking and stopping, walking and stopping, just to make sure I didn’t open a secret door with a monster inside. Some people would say that this is part of the game, of course, but for me felt like things happened automatically as I walk or not naturally as a real environment. You are the trigger for the environment, and not the environment itself.

Overall, it’s not a bad game and I’d for sure recommend for people who doesn’t have a powerful computer or just want a game to explore-and-shoot with no loosing head puzzles. It’s also really nostalgic to play again Doom and to have that feeling from the first game.

So, what are you waiting for? Go after the game, but wait for the discount… or not if you have $7 available. 😀


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