Does that game run on my PC?

I know that most of the people that I talk too, and they play games, have the same problem. To know it a certain game runs on the computer. It may requires more graphic card, RAM memory, processor, etc. But how to know that? Sometimes is just good to get a new PC, into the new generation.
Well, not anymore. 🙂
Have ever heard about
It’s a free website service for PC game Players. It tells you whether you can run a selected game on your computer. On this fanpage, we will inform you about new added games, functions on a website and other stuff.
So, if you have a doubt about your computer hardware and it a specific game can run on your computer, just check this web site. It will scan you PC and then show if you can or cannot run the game. Also it says what you need to improve in your PC to make it work.
But, why I am telling you this?
Well, first I am not getting any money from them for the marketing. But there is another reason I am doing this!
Since December/28-2013, the site is in Portuguese – BR and I worked on the translation/localisation. So you can find some of my work as a Translator and Localisation service. I made all the translation and still working with the programmer of the site.
Still, there is a lot of things going on and, as they improve the website, we keep working together. And thats amazing because it is a really good work to do and a great ideia for the game players market.
Hope you guys like it and have a good weekend!

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