Full Cycle Testing

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Game development goes through a cycle of stages. The game software is defined, evaluated, designed, built, tested, fixed, Alpha, Beta and then Final. The game development cycle involvesmany tasks by multiple functional teams, and in multiple stages. Most of the stages are oftendescribed sequentially but the underlying tasks are often proceeding in parallel, especially duringgame production. Testing and fixing can happen at any stages in the project cycle. However,the cost of fixing an error increases exponentially as project progresses.
The objective of “Full Cycle Testing” is to identify and fix the error (aka defect or bug) as early as possible so a quality product will be delivered at the end. In a simple terminology, thetechniques used for “Full Cycle Testing” are 1) validation for accuracy and correctness, and 2)verification for completeness.
* Requirement stage – game idea, storyboard, features and requirement document
* Game Design stage – conceptual design of the new features
* Technical Design stage – mainly, the Technical Design document and the FeatureSpecification. Also, the game architecture, session manager, front-end, AI, director,rendering, animation, frame overlay and so on. This encompasses most of the componentsassigned to the team and support teams
* Development stage – coding and implementation/integration of various pipelines and work  by the teams that are integrated to make up the game. “Clear box” testing will encompassmodule/component testing, testing of coverage and flow, data integrity, algorithm-specifictesting (e.g. debug code is in the game code), path testing, and various levels of functionalregression testing. This is more an incremental testing.
* Review stage –  Focus Group, and a “big bang” testing both Clear Box and Black BoxTesting, in a structured manner.
* Regression Testing stage – it will be the game testing (Alpha, Beta, and Final).
Here are the testing criteria for the requirement phase and the design phase: 
Requirement Document:
Are these the right requirements for the new game?
Are they complete?Are they achievable?
Are they realistic?Are they reasonable?
Are they compatible to other competitor game?
Are they testable?
Are there quantifiable and measurable targets?
Are they in line with our direction of the company (or company future)?
Game and Technical Design Document:Is the design good?
Is the design complete?
Is the design doable?
Is the design equipped with the necessary error handling?
Does the design provide any debugging facility?
Is the design in line with our game architecture?Has the design received review and approval?
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