Test Plan and Testing Documentation


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I found this text in a part of a huge document here. If you know who is the RIGHT AUTHOR, please, let me know so I can give the right credits to him/her/them.


Effective testing relies on a complete Test Plan package. The document should be written in away that promotes reusability (reuse a large portion of the previous test plan documents for anew game) and consistency (to minimize learning curve; the testing documentation produced for the game projects all have a similar format).The hierarchical listing provided below is to outline a structure and the testing documentframework that the testing will be handled for each game project.
* Testing Requirements Document (as explained earlier)
* Software Testing Test Plan
* Game Testing Test Plan (positive testing – what is expected?)
* Game Testing Scenario (negative testing – how robust is the game?)
* Manufacture Platform Technical Requirements (e.g. SONY TechnicalRequirement Checklist for the PSX/PS2 game titles, and Microsoft TechnicalRequirement for the X-Box game titles)
The Game Testing Test Plan is a “positive testing” document that explains WHAT and HOW to test for the playability of the game (e.g. options and features).
QA has developed a guideline to explain the SONY requirements, section by section. We alsoreviewed the SONY Bug Report from our previous game submissions and develop a “our lessonlearned” checklist so “ we won’t make the same mistake twice”. As far as timing goes, thereview for the manufacture standards and technical requirements is often conducted after Alpha.
In the Test Design document, you will learn the details (e.g. definition, guideline, templates andideas) of preparing the test plan documents.
Once more, thanks for reading my blog and IF YOU KNOW THE RIGHT AUTHOR OF THIS TEXT, please, let me know so I can give him/her/them the right credits.

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